Coca-Cola’s E-magazine is the new shizzz

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Are you trying to guess what the title of this post read? Yes, you read it right! Coca-Cola has yet again proved itself like a boss by launching its very own e-magazine. We’ve all experienced the mind-blowing work that it has been doing in all its ad campaigns over the years and to top it all, it has shown the world again that it doesn’t only master in advertising but strives to maintain the dignified image created long years ago.

So, let’s get to business and unfold 6 lesser known facts about Coca-Cola’s E-magazine which you legit need to know today!

  1. Setting a benchmark

Coca-Cola’s e-magazine typically termed as “Journey” is everything now that the internet is looking for, in today’s age and time. It is anything but cliché like its competitors. It might typically look like a website, but once you check it out, boom, there’s this whole identity of Coca-Cola which you get to unravel. First time in the history that an FMCG brand has dared to take a major step like this. Coca-Cola’s this new avenue is surely a stepping stone on getting closer to its large consumer base and we bet it’s nothing less than awesome.

  1. Thorough exclusivity

Coca-Cola Journey has done an excellent job in clearing all the myths hovering around its identity. It has a whole section dedicated to FAQ’s or to put in simpler words the “Rumours” that exist about it. Not just this, it gives its consumers to know about them and the quality of products that it produces in-depth by classifying it in a new category. Coca-Cola Journey doesn’t cease to surprise you by lending out facts of its own and one of them that clearly stands out is its new initiative of EKOCOOL, solar powered coolers used to chill Coca-Cola beverages. It helps Coca-Cola reach the farthest corners of India and reduce dependency on fossil fuels and resultant harmful emissions.

coca-cola journey

  1. Unwrapping secrets

In addition to various other unique features of Coca-Cola Journey, one such feature is Product Comparison tool that distinctively stands out. It is the section where consumers can check a number of ingredients used in each of drinks, analyze and prefer a drink for themselves. Frankly, it is a great way of not only showing transparency but actually working for the good of its customers and encouraging them to take up on a healthy lifestyle.  All in all, this feature is a total winner.

  1. Behind the scenes

We bet you won’t leave even a single stone unturned if given a chance to get to know the real-much hyped work culture of Coca-Cola. This particular section of Coca-Cola Journey is a visual treat to each one of you who aspires of working in that workplace. And bet us, you would be nothing but mesmerized and stunted by knowing what actual work and effort go into the amazing work that we get to experience.

Coca-cola-India a-new-journey

  1. Consumer is the KING

Coca-Cola well aware of who has made it reach the position where it is today and it is nobody else but the consumers. But the fact that it also knows how well to appreciate them by making their voice and opinions audible and reach across globes. To make this happen, Coca-Cola Journey has addressed a section of Point of View, where consumers all around the globe can express their views and the best ones get featured. One more noticeable feature that is clearly visible on the e-magazine is, all the sub-brands falling under Coca-Cola are named with the tab of Choices and not Brands. And you know why? Because, the consumers have made them brands, without its consumers they are just plain choices. Can Coca-Cola stop being the best, already?!

  1. Diversity

Coca-Cola as a brand has never failed to do something out of the box. So is with Coca-Cola journey. Coca-Cola Journey is a perfect blend of numerous different features clubbed together and the outcome of it is what makes this e-magazine one of the most creative and best works of Coca-Cola as a brand. It is nowhere close to the hot-shot, corporate websites just loaded with information. It surely is very informative but the form in which it is portrayed is at its creative best.

Go check out Coca-Cola Journey on Coca-colaIndia