Nature’s hub spot – Attra’s Holiday and Camping Farms

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Are you waiting to have a quick getaway with your family and close group in a nature clad location this monsoon? Attra’s Holiday and Camping Farms is just the right place you are looking for! Attra’s Holiday and Camping Farms is a 3-hour drive from Mumbai, located in the nature driven area of Karjat. The property has a chain of bungalows, giving a homely feeling away from home!  This place gives you a chance of truly embracing your inner peace, rejuvenates your being in all ways, lets you enjoy the natural creations and leaves you stunned by its sheer beauty.

attra farms karjat

Having said all of the above, let’s read on the 5 most enticing reasons of why a visit to Attra’s Holiday and Camping Farms is a must!

  1. Scenic beauty

The first and the most significant reason to visit this place is, you get close to mother nature. And what more reason do you even need?! The true beauty of this place is best enjoyed in the monsoon’s but otherwise, too the weather is as pleasant as it can get. Waking up amongst fresh air, with a view to die for, is not something that we get to experience every day. Then why miss out on a chance of having such an amazing experience. Head to Attra’s Holiday and Camping Farms today!

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  1. Sports Junction

It’s always fun and games when on a vacation.  Attra’s Holiday and Camping Farms gives you one more healthy reason to visit, where you can relax and unwind but still be healthy and have fun.  In the premises there various small and large places to have a playful game of badminton, cricket, and other such outdoor sports. It offers a perfect playing area for kids. All in all this place is a total winner.

attra farms, karjat

  1. Thrilling encounters

With all the nature around, Attra’s Holiday and Camping Farms utilization to make this the favorite destination for adventurous people is spot on!  They, at Attra’s Holiday and Camping Farms, offer adventurous activities ranging from Trekking, Horse riding to Rifle shooting and Self-defense training. Not as many places offer these activities altogether, and with the combination that this place offers, it is undoubtedly a go-to place for all adventure seeking beings.

attra farms, karjat

  1. Bonfire nights

Music, dance, good food, and BONFIRE. In short a perfect evening to chill and relax. At Attra’s Holiday and Camping Farms, you get to experience such evenings, with close ones around some fun around the bonfire and barbecue facility to treat your taste buds. It’s nothing less than mesmerizing and soothing, all at the same time. This place is a perfect package of thrill and composure.

attra farms, karjat

  1. Home in a bag

Don’t we all love nights under a sky full stars?! Attra’s Holiday and Camping Farms camping sites allow you to encounter the rare chance of living in a tent, giving a feeling of a mountaineer and experiencing every ounce of thrill involved in it. It lets you live as a nomad, irrespective if it’s for a day or two. The sentiment of it is completely different, a good one for sure and can’t be experienced in our fast moving lives.

attra farms, karjat

In a nutshell, it’s all that you nature loving and adventurous lads are looking for. So, pack your bags and get ready to have a lifetime of experience at the amazing Attra’s Holiday and Camping Farms.