Why the royal city should be your next destination?


What makes Udaipur unique? The forts and palaces… the culture… people… What? I will not leave you guessing… the answer to the question is – The STREET LIGHTS.

Yes, you have read it right. The streets lights of Udaipur are admired by people all over India and abroad. I am sure your next question is – what’s special in a street light?

Here the traditional street lights have been replaced by SOLAR powered street lights. Where the traditional street lights need electricity from grid to function (unavailable in many parts of India), the solar street lights can run smoothly irrespective of the grid.

So who brought the change? It’s Su-Kam.

Su-Kam helped Hindustan Zinc Plant to go solar. They installed 57 solar street lights around the premises of the area.

Let the story unfold!

What was the problem?

Hindustan Zinc Plant is located in Udaipur city in Rajasthan and is the world’s second largest zinc producer. The area around this plant had ordinary street lights installed for the area to be lit up during the evening hours. But the street lights were not able to function properly due to some manufacturing defect and was a cause of worry for the management.

How Su-Kam came on board? 
Hindustan Zinc Plant released a tender for the order of 57 solar street lights that were to replace the ordinary street lights installed there. Su-Kam won the tender order of this massive solar project.

What did they do? 
Mr. Dinesh was the Ex-Manager of Hindustan Zinc Plant who has now become Su-Kam’s authorized distributor. The current management of Hindustan Zinc Plant then approached Mr. Dinesh and asked for his technical help to install the best lights.

Mr. Dinesh then installed one solar street lights in the premises for testing purpose for one month and convinced the management that Su-Kam’s solar street lights were the best in the market. After one month the management decided to install all 57 Su-Kam solar street lights around the plant. Then Mr. Dinesh and his partner Mr. Rajesh along with Su-Kam’s experienced sales manager Mr. Naveen Bansal mapped out the plan for the installation. Their team of technical and qualified engineers then installed the following in prime locations of the plant.

Have a look at the Technical aspects of Su-Kam’s solar street lights –


  1. Su-Kam’s solar street light ‘SUNWAY’– LI3 (15W- 57 in number)
  2. Su-Kam solar panelsinbuilt in the street light – 35W each
  3. Inbuilt internal lithium ion batteries– 14.8V/5.2AH

Words that won hearts! 

After the installation, Mr. Naveen had to say,

“He says, ‘The 57 Solar street lights were installed in the prime locations of the plant and since the plant was fully functional even in the evening hours, it was very important for these solar street lights to work. The management is very happy with the installation and it was a pleasure to help the Hindustan Zinc Plant get solarized.”

 Wondering how a Su-Kam Solar Street Light works?

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For further details, please contact –
Mr. Rajesh Bhandari (Su-Kam’s authorized distributor) – 09414157799
302, Shubham Complex, Nr. Sukhadiya Circle – 313001

Address of installation – Hindustan Zinc Limited
Swaroop Sagar, Fatehsagar Road, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313004


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