Sometimes, anticipation makes us anxious. Making an impression is important, no matter what we do or where we go. And on occasions such as these might be wearing the best outfit or cologne, but if you don’t have your shoes right, it doesn’t matter. Game Over.

Most people judge you by the brand or type of shoes you wear. Shoes are the closest reflection of your personality – where you’ve been, where you’re headed to and how you wish to present yourself. Shoes are the real deal. Everything else in fashion is built around one’s shoes.

This fall, Oxford shoes  are taking over. Classic and easy to slip on, they go with all attire – casual, formal, or your plain old denims. They are just like men formal shoes, with the toes slightly pointed and laces that are inverted and closed. That’s right, my men! There is no flower atop a pair of oxfords. Also, height of the shoe is lower, so it exposes more of the ankle.

The best oxford in vogue this season is a brogue. Oxford brogues have been classified as the wingtips and captures, depending upon the manner in which the triangular patch at the tops of the shoe has been attached.

The Oxford shoes find their origins with the British hinterland’s university students (hence the name). The idea was to build a shoe that was comfortable, but soon it started resonating with the bourgeois and proletarians alike.

However, that’s not the only style of Oxfords that you could go with. There is also the ‘seamless at the tip’ style known as the Balmoral boots, which is the next most popular style. These cover the ankle and are essentially cut like narrow toe boots for horse-riders.

Then there are the kiltie, whole-cut, seamless and saddle Oxfords. The common feature to all is that they all have inverted laces and are narrower towards the tip

I personally adore Oxfords in a cascading shade of tan, darkest at the tip which lightens towards the heel. Our personal favorite model for the style is the badass Canadian president Justin Trudeau, who pairs his oxfords with colorfully designed socks and looks completely dapper in it


While buying or donning a pair of oxfords, keep the following in mind:

  1. Avoid wearing pants that are too long; you don’t want to ruin the aesthetic side of your ankle and the socks (in case you want to add a little funk)
  2. Avoid buying oxfords that are too pointy; they might appear sleek but you’ll end up causing a lot of pain in your toes.

So, what are you waiting for? Go buy yourself a gentleman’s pair of Oxford brogues and you’ll stay in vogue at least until spring ascends.


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