Remember the first day of school? Every year, they would ask us one question. What do you want to be in life when you grow up?

Over the years, I kept thinking as to why they always asked that question when except a few, no one actually ends up being in the same profession that they once they grow up wanting. Until one day, I came across the concept of goals and goal-based orientation. To stress the importance of #lifegoals, Bajaj Allianz put together a Finance Bloggers meet at St. Regis Hotel, Mumbai. This is when I realized that our teachers wanted us to have goals in life, and to look forward to achieving some of them as we grow older.

But why do we need to set goals? I mean isn’t life going to throw unexpected twists at me, leaving my plans hanging mid-way?

Well, no and yes. No, because setting goals allow us to really analyze where we stand with respect to our goals. It helps us think backward, set smaller short-term goals, timelines, and benchmarks that we’ll cross our path to attaining our goals.

LifeGoals-Bajaj Allianz

As we grow older, we must set goals for education, then careers, marriage, and kids. Somewhere in all the hustle, we also make many financial goals to meet our other goals and passions. A recent study by Bajaj Allianz Life group revealed that more and more people are planning finances around a certain passion or even for a dream holiday! Marketers have also recognized this trend and are rolling out tailor-made investment deals for these newfound financial goals.

Goals are important. Achieving them gives us a sense of happiness, a sense of being alive. When we fail, there is always a lesson learned. Nevertheless, it is important that we make goals. The alternative is to go with the flow and plan nothing in life at all, which is also exciting. In such a case, though, one must be prepared to deal with the feelings that come when an exciting picture of a friend or acquaintance enjoying their planned achievements shows up on your social media feed.

Tarun Chugh, MD & CEO of Bajaj Allianz believes there is one thing that makes us Indians different from the rest of the nations. And that is our optimism. We like to imagine that the future will somehow be better than our present. With that in mind, we also like to save a lot, statistics say.


What would another way we choose? Our optimism makes us better planners. When I believe in my goal whole-heartedly, it doesn’t matter what others think or says of it. I set my short-term goals in that spirit, my state of mind is always hopeful and hence, my efforts are not compromised.

It is always better to start early when it comes to planning a financial goal. The longer the term or goal, the more short-term goals we can set. The smaller the targets of these goals, the easier it is to achieve them. And the easier it gets, the more you #jiyobefikar.

So then, what is your next big #lifegoal, and how do you plan to achieve it?



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