Today’s young Indian is quite unlike any generation ever before. We are the seekers, the achievers, the madmen, the visionaries. The life-maximisers. We have goals, and we want to meet them.

When it comes to planning our finances, it’s just the same. We like to be a step ahead always, to gain more from whatever we are able to save. We want maximum investment benefits, after all, we are in for all or nothing.

Our goals drive us, they make us who we eventually become. While life’s struggles might keep dissuading us from meeting all the goals we set out to achieve, could there be a way to protect our finances from a casualty like that? Wouldn’t it be great if there was an investment tool that assured me growing funds witah incentives along the way?

One of the most trusted investment advisors in the country – Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance has launched a product that fits the needs of this goal-driven, ambitious generation. We call them trusted because their ratings, and their legacy speak for the brand. The new-age ULIP of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance – Financial Life Goal Secure is one with many benefits, each customised to meet the needs of niche groups. The new ULIP comes with four portfolio strategies which are Investor Selectable Portfolio Strategy, Wheel of Life Portfolio Strategy, Trigger Based Portfolio Strategy and Auto Transfer Portfolio Strategy.

Finance goals, Bajaj Allianz

Let’s check out the unique benefits of Bajaj Allianz Life Goal Assure.

Return of Mortality Charges (ROMC)

To put this simply for the uninitiated, ROMC is an small additional amount charged by the insurer, to ensure that beneficiaries receive the sum assured in case of untimely death of the investor. While the amount might not pinch from premium to premium, it is definitely a handsome amount in case you do not die before the policy matures (we hope you don’t!). Amazingly, if you have opted for the Finance Life Goals Secure Scheme, you get all that money back! Now isn’t that a sweet cherry for being alive?!

Return Enhancer

The better you plan, the more you get. Not just out of life, but also out of your investments. If you decide to receive your maturity benefit in instalments, an additional 0.5% of due instalment gets added to your maturity amount every time.

There is also the Fund Booster – an additional amount added to the Fund Value on the date of maturity of the policy, an incentive for having fulfilled your goals. You can also practice the good habit of being committed towards a goal, in exchange of Loyalty Benefits!


Life is full of uncertainties. We can never be sure about what happens in the next moment. It is the moment that passes by, or simply changes your life forever. Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance realised the problems that investors face because of the rigidity of policies, which is why they are offering unlimited free switches in policy plan!

This one is for the tech aware.  We are spending more time on our phones than ever before. Bajaj Allianz recognises and understand that the needs of its customers are changing, hence the same product design as a few years ago would not work anymore. You can just spend hours on the website planning your finances with the risk explorer, return calculator and many more features especially designed to make investing easy for everyone!

So then, when are you planning to start planning?