An unforgettable dining experience at DS cafe at, Beaugrenelle in Paris


French cuisines are no doubt some of the most delicious meals in the world. And when you enjoy a restaurant experience at the French capital, Paris, you will certainly feel ecstatic. Even with the numerous restaurants located in Paris, there is one restaurant that promises to offer you memorable dining experience.

The DS café at Beaugrenelle in Paris is a newly set up establishment that seeks to revolutionize the dining industry in this city. In a bid to give diners that exquisite experience, DS café is founded on the concept of health thus clients are assured of finding a healthy menu with meals being prepared by award-winning chefs.


DS cafe Paris

A conducive environment is undoubtedly a key factor that contributes towards enjoying that unforgettable experience. When you visit this restaurant, you enjoy a great ambience that will make you feel respected and valued. In addition, the staff in this establishment are very professional and competent to serve you as per your requirements. The security is at peak so you are guaranteed of your safety.

Enjoy Delicious Food

Upon visiting this café, you will enjoy delicious foods that will ensure you enjoy healthy eating and create a comeback mood. Additionally, the quality of food here is competitively priced thus giving you value for your money. So, what sort of menu should you expect to find at DS café? The menu here provides a wide range of foods to choose from hence the assurance that toy will get that meal that you are yearning for. That said, here is the DS café menu.

DS cafe paris, vegan in paris


  • Drainant ( cocombre, persil,ananas, citron, pomme, courgette)

This drink has a rich combination of highly nutritional contents that will leave you yearning for more.

  • Green juice ( cocombre, menthe, pomme, gingembre)

This juice is the perfect choice for anyone looking for something sweet and healthy. The nutritional value and taste of ingredients will certainly tickle your taste buds.

  • Energisant ( carrot, pomme, gingembre)

Just like its name suggests, this drink will provide the ideal energy you need to keep moving.

DS cafe Paris, french cuisine, vegan, vegetarian dishes in paris

Main courses

  • Avocado Toast Detox ( Pain Poilâne toasté, chèvre frais, avocat, radis, alfalfa, Pousses d’épinards, tomate cerise, pommes de terre)

When served, this meal will immediately captivate your eyes. In addition, this meal is highly nutritious and healthy thus you are assured of total satisfaction.

DS cafe Paris, french cuisine, vegan, vegetarian dishes in paris,avocado toast

  • Veggie quinoa bowl ( Quinoa, pousses d’épinards, avocat, tomatoes cerise, betterave chiogga, patates douces, broccoli, carottes râpées, sauce miso)

This meal has an incredible combination of vegetables which are topped up with sauce to give you that amazing taste that will leave you feeling ecstatic

DS cafe Paris, french cuisine, vegan, vegetarian dishes in paris

  • The green garden ( Pointes d’asperges, edamamé, courgettes en julienne, broccolis, haricots verts, pois gourmands, chèvre frais )

The green garden is home to a wide variety of vegetables that have never been combined before. This high value meal will provide all the necessary nutrients that will boost your health.

DS cafe Paris, french cuisine, vegan, vegetarian dishes in paris

  • Ceaser chicken (Salade romaine, émincé de poultries, croûtons, parmesan, sauce Caesar)

For meat lovers, this is one meal you cannot afford to miss. This chicken is deliciously prepared thus you should expect to lick your fingers.


  • Apple crumble Made from the best quality apples.

This dessert will certainly complete your dining experience in style.

  • Red fruit white cheese cake.

Cakes are no doubt a great dessert. The red fruit cake with white cheese will not only leave you feeling rejuvenated but also will provide the necessary nutrients required by your body

  • Oreo Tiramisu.

This unique dessert is prepared in a special way to give you that experience that cannot be matched elsewhere.

Visit today

DS café is certainly a game changer in the dining industry. This is the ultimate choice for anyone looking for an unmatched dining experience in Paris. Therefore, if you are around Paris and looking for an eatery to enjoy that perfectly prepared meal, be sure to try out DS Café. You certainly won’t be disappointed!


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