Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Safety Car Seat

safety car seat

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What is the most important job you have as a parent? Of course, it is the safety of your child, not only at home but even when you are in a vehicle. Every year, there are hundreds of children who are injured or killed in car crashes. The only reason for this is the negligence of parents and not using safety car seats. The safety car seats are developed for keeping your baby safe and comfortable when traveling. There are numerous factors to consider for parents when buckling up their child safely. In this write-up, I have listed few of the common mistakes made by most parents.

Read on to know how to avoid them.

Mistake 1: Not Conducting a Research

One of the top mistakes made by parents is not doing their homework before buying a new or used car seat. The market is flooded with tons of safety car seats, but not all of the seats are perfect for your child. It will be smart to get a used car seat as your child will outgrow the seat quickly. Before you get a used car seat, you have to consider some factors. The seat must have instructions and a label that shows the model number and manufacturing date.

Moreover, the seat must not be old than 6 years and it must be in good condition. You have to ensure that there is no visible part missing from the seat. One of the most important thing that you need to consider is the seat should not have been in a crash.

Mistake 2: Using Car Seat Outside of Car

Another most common mistake is using the car seat in your home. The purpose of the safety car seat is to protect your kid in between transits. Most of the parents use it as a replacement for the cribs at home. According to a study, when your child sits up straight in the car seat, the chest of your baby is compressed. This reduces the levels of oxygen for your child.

Although it is crucial for the safety of your child to buckle them in the car seat. You should not leave them in the car seat for a long time. A minor hurdle in the airway can lead to impairment in development. So, it is recommended to use car seat only when traveling in the car.

Mistake 3: Too Many Clothes

It is a common mistake to dress up your kid in bulky outerwear. This is because the harness straps will not be able to provide proper protection to your kid. In winters, it is advised to dress your kid in a hat and light jacket. After buckling your kid, use blankets to keep your baby warm. Keep bulky outerwear must be used for outsides only.

In the end, the safety of kids is a top priority for every parent. There are plenty of things that you need to know for keeping your child safe on the road. With the help of these tips, you can make sure your baby is safely tucked in the car seat.


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