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The constant pressure of work and personal life deliverables is killing us, almost literally.  With growing media narrative increased work hours, awareness among people has increased and there is an added pressure to live a healthy lifestyle. While we might believe that our habits have taken a toll on our health, there are some great habits that we might have not yet given up. It is the vedas that have largely guided life and choices in the Indian context. From the way we dress to how we live as a community, everything was penned down in these edicts by our ancestors back in 3000 BC and continues to be followed till this day.


A large part of Atharva vedas has guided the way we bring healing and health in our lives. Remember that piping hot cup of grandma’s tulsi tea for a bad throat? Well it’s a treasure that has been learnt and perfected over thousands of years of human civilisation. Ayurveda is the oldest and most effective medical science in the world, almost always found in our backyards.


This mystic knowledge has now found matrimony with technology and is ready to pace itself up with the urban lifestyle. Amway Nutrilite recently launched a range of high performance supplements that recreate the magic of some of these magical herbs. From mental agility to memory enhancement, immunity and even digestion! Mind you, this is one of the most effective products that I have experienced in a long time, both in terms of cost and effect.

Health nutrilite Amway

Initially, I was a bit reluctant to consume the Amway Nutrilite herbal supplement range. After all, why take a pill when I am fit? I am also generally aversive to consuming pills which further made me wonder if I should really go ahead with it. But after merely the first 10 days of trial, I can feel a renewed sense of energy and vigour in myself, one which makes me vouch for the product’s effectiveness. I wasFor just Rs. 649, I am sorted for 2 months.


There is no need to visit a doctor to seek Nutrilite pills or to consume them only during a health concern. In fact, consuming them would help avoid one. My confidence in the Amway range comes from scientific validation and the growing demand for Ayurveda in the West. begins to embrace the benefits of this ancient wisdom matched brilliantly with modern technology. Various studies have proved the efficacy of many of these herbs, for example the use of Ashwagandha against brain cell damage and its use in orthodontic treatments (J Clin Diagn Res; 2014) was recently verified at the University of Harvard.

Health nutrilite Amway

It is important to mention that the Amway herb supplements are all non-GMO products with active ingredients. A pill of tulsi has the potency of a 100 well bred tulsi leaves. Worried about the side effects? Well, don’t. There are strict guidelines that govern the making of such products established by the Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission (IPC hereafter), which is in turn powered by the Government of India and Ministry of AYUSH. Amway has further ensured that its product goals are not derailed by bringing on board the HOD of the Ayurveda department at the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) – Dr. VK Joshi. He is also the chair of the IPC, which is reassuring in the way that the product can do no possible harm.


This is also one of the finest ways to contribute to the Prime Minister’s vision of #MakeinIndia, an help rejoice our rich heritage on a global stage, as the world looks on.


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