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Time is a funny game. It is the most valuable gift and the most undervalued resource. Imagine the most mundane of daily decisions, like what to eat or what movie to watch. Now imagine the time you spend on thinking about such decisions over a course of 10 years; imagine if you could find ways to save time on making such decisions.

One needs time to do anything under the sun, and time is all that is truly ours. Every second saved is another opportunity added!

When it comes to making decisions around that big step, that dream that you’ve dreamt of since forever, what is it that takes up most of your time unnecessarily? Let’s say that you have a game-changing business idea. You think the time is right, but most of your assets are frozen. What do you do? What if someone else grabs the opportunity and gets all the first mover advantage?

Let me tell you something before they get to know it. HDFC Bank has launched the first-ever Loans Against Mutual Funds (LAMF), where you can leverage anyone, few or all of your investments for an immediate loan. It is a simple two to three-minute process! And I kid you not, it hasn’t taken more than 3 minutes so far, and it’s been a week! Not just for the pursuit of your big dream, this online loan tool is great for emergencies as well.


HDFC Loans Online, india loan

46 crore out of about 150 crores of us are already online, and more of us are coming online each day. We are spending more time online than ever. Our behavior, choices, and tastes are shaping and being shaped by what is available online. As per statistics presented by HDFC bank, about 50% of credit units have gone digital in the past year. With the Prime Minister’s aim for a cashless economy, it only makes sense that we move our loaning process online as well.

For those of us who still experience a reluctance in taking their banking activities online, it cannot get safer than this. At every stage in the process, a customer is sent a snapshot of the authentication and permission that I have agreed to so far. Arvind Kapil, Group Head of Unsecured, Home and Mortgage Loans claims that the online customer has been the central focus in the development of this product. He believes ‘When you keep the customer at the forefront, it really takes off’. Simple and easy to use, this product covers a much wider range of customers than any currently available products in the market.

HDFC Loans Online, india loan, Digital LAMF

Times are changing, and the opportunities that we have as Indians are also expanding. This is the time to take risks, to pursue the dreams that you have been putting off because of all the responsibilities. And with a product like HDFC LAMF, at least money would not stand in your way.


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