The All-New INOX Experience


When it comes to innovating in technology in the entertainment space, IMAX surely has been the pioneer. But what I went for yesterday was an out of the world cinematic experience. About a year back IMAX announced that they will be opening the first ever Paytm IMAX at INOX, R-City Mall. Honestly, at that time, I actually thought it will be just another theatre. Well, I was wrong! Read on to know my INOX IMAX experience.

I got an invitation for the preview screening of the Jurassic Park at INOX R-City Mall, Ghatkopar. I almost canceled it…thanks to the rains that choker blocked the entire Hindmata leaving it flooded. But guess it was my lucky day and I finally made it to the mall. As I entered the lobby, few things that amused me were:

  • It’s a huge space, there were a lot of people but still, it didn’t look too crowded
  • The ambiance, the red hue interiors, and radiating lights truly add life to that space
  • The AR screen (I will elaborate on it a little further in this article)

I must say this is the most experiential lobby I ever came across. As I entered, on my left there was a play wall. Quite interesting I must say. All kids flocked there, including some young adults like me who would obviously be interested to play word puzzle games & wear my thinking caps. There are some video games too which some kids who were clearly more intellectual than me were playing. This is to all the parents, this is something your child will love for sure.

Jurassic world fallen kingdom
Here comes my favorite now. Ever walked with a dinosaur in a mall? I did it! Thanks to the AR experience given by PAYTM Inox. I didn’t realize it initially. I was just looking at myself on the screen and then entered the dinosaur and goes without saying I had my jaws dropped! Then I could see some kids trying to touch the dinosaur…god, I miss that innocence. Gave me the feeling of “Why did I grow up?”

The new property has 9 screens that also includes the magnificent Insignia Lounge and a splendid Insignia Diner making it INOX’s largest property in the country. So, now it was time for the movie, what I was eagerly waiting for – The Jurassic World. I am welcomed to a theatre which has spacious seating arrangements, not to forget that the theatre is equally huge with a huge screen. People surely don’t give much of a thought to the screen resolution when they go for movies. It’s, of course, the geeks like me who pay too much attention. The big screen truly improved the picture quality and even I was sitting right at the top, I felt quite close to the screen. The surround sound system added more drama to the special effects of the movie.

The Jurassic World wouldn’t have been the same experience without IMAX for sure. I totally love the thought of how everyone wants the dinosaurs to not go extinct but which way will you choose to save them? That’s what the story is all about. In the series of attempts of saving the raptors from going extinct, they create a creature which is more intelligent & of course dangerous…and all of this for money. While I still love the previous one which has Irrfan Khan acting in it. And of course still love the original Jurassic Park but this was an experience just because of the technology. To know what happens next, please head to R-city mall for the all-new IMAX experience.

We were later gifted this limited edition toy – a Chomp & Roar mask by the Universal Pictures & IMAX team. Like this one’s crazy. If you wish to know what it does, head to my Instagram handle now!

Overall, I would totally give the grandeur of the movie and the whole experience by PAYTM Imax a 5/5. It is indeed taken to a new level.