Globalization: To Understand the Millennial Mindset

western union millennial round table mumbai

The 21st century is the age of continuous advancement. We have been able to change the world as we knew it. Today, we have better communication systems, more world exposure, better medicines, and so much more in terms of globalization.

Most of the credit goes to the advanced technology. We have been able to overcome the barriers and be aware of what goes around in the different parts of the world. In a similar manner, we have managed to enter an age of globalization. What begins in what part of the world does not take long to take roots in other parts. Therefore, people, especially youngsters or more appropriately millennials, have better chances of success in their lives now.

Panel Discussion on Globalization by Western Union
In a recent panel discussion of a survey organized by Western Union, Indian millennials have been shown to be of the opinion that globalization can make this world a better place for themselves and others. According to the research conducted by Western Union, many millennials are united by their belief in globalization, the desire to experience better opportunities, and to play a shaping role for the future using technology. This study included the views of millennials from 15 countries.

western union millennials mumbai
L-R ( Moderator Ankit Vengurlekar, Editor, Tech2, Siddharth Shahani, Co-Founder and Executive Director of ISDI,Sohini Rajola, Regional VP and MD, Western Union India,Pooja Dhingra, Founder & Chef, Le15 Patisserie,Himanshu Sehgal, Blogger, Ex Digital Marketer, Founder, MyYellowPlate,Karishma Mehta, Founder, Humans of Bombay)

In India, a large number of millennials already consider themselves as global citizens. They believe that if the future can allow them access to the world without barriers, they can enjoy an empowering existence. These millennials also believe that their strong opinions about worldly matters will be able to reach more people due to better technology executions.

The panel discussion included many young Indians; all having their own success stories. They believe that Indian millennials are definitely inspiring positive changes and have the potential to be the future leaders. They expressed the opinion that current youth are highly aware of what they want. More and more millennials want a world where global collaboration is easier so a better future could be made possible for all.
Globalization for a Better World

Most millennials don’t just want globalization for personal benefits. With collaboration across borders, it will not only empower the youth to shape their destinies but create positive economic changes. For example, more people will have a chance at better jobs and even make a success out of entrepreneur ideas.

Millennials are also of the view that it is the not the institutions that will make globalization implemented across the orders. They put forward the idea that most governments are reestablishing the idea of nations or states and borders are going back up. This is why millennials have to lead globalization on their own.

Indian millennials see the future of the world being more successful with less focus on borders. They believe that the future governments will be a combination of democratic institutions and more power will lie with individuals.

While globalization seems to provide many positive changes, there are certain concerns as well. For example, the presence of racism and similar issues even in today’s world is a hurdle for eliminating borders. However, millennials believe that even these problems can be reduced if more diversity is promoted.


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