RK Group – Widening Horizons with Retail Housing Finance Business

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RK Group is one of the most well-known business organizations of India. Their headquarters can be found in Kishangarh, Rajasthan, and Ajmer. They specialize in diversified services. A recent addition to their portfolio is Wonder Home Finance Limited (WHFL). The new venture has already been approved by the National Housing Bank (NHB) as they have assigned the license.

What is WHFL?

WHFL has been started by the RK Group as their entry into the housing finance sector of the country. The project is aimed at offering financial assistance in terms of home loans, repair and renovation of homes, construction of homes, and MSME business loans.

How Will WHFL Work?

The first phase of the project will be about spreading business across Rajasthan. Currently, there are 9 branches and will proceed to open 20 more within a month. The main goal is to provide quality financial assistance to the people of this state in regards to their homes.

WHFL will also be extended to Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh as the financial year 2018 to 2019 continues.  The project will utilize the already established repute of RK Group to succeed in its aims. RK Group has been able to develop a trust with the people of India over the years. The business organization has been in the trade of marble and cement for homes for a long time. The diversification into the home finance sector, therefore, almost comes naturally.

wonder home finance company jaipur

WHFL Goals

The model of the WHFL is quite customer-oriented. The chairman of the RK Group, Shri. Ashok Patni, believes that the project will be successful in providing unified financial services to the people of India. RK Group has always chased perfection and aimed at reaching a wider audience. The same philosophy has been applied to WHFL as well.

The goal of WHFL is not only to help the company grow further but it is also aligned with the Indian government’s vision of housing for all by 2022. It is one of the rounding steps to streamline the provision of financial services for the Indian people.

wonder home finance company jaipur

In other goals, as mentioned by the co-founder, CEO, and director of the WHFL, Sanjay Singh Rajawat, the project will ensure to deliver high-quality products and services to clients. Quality assurance and customer-friendly processes will be established with the help of highly skilled and experienced professionals. WHFL will also use the latest financial technologies to keep the customers at pace with the globally available financial solutions.

The 29 branches opening up in Rajasthan will cover around 70 per cent of the household within the state. More than 400 employees will be recruited to manage this particular market.

WHFL wants not to be just a solution for the financial troubles faced by people when constructing or repairing homes but aims to be a true partner for clients every step of the way. It could be an unpredictable and hard journey so a reliable source for both finance and information is required.


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