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My grandma always used to say “Jua kisi ka na hua” (gamble never belonged to anyone). She always thought of it as wastage of valuable time, a habit more common with alcoholics and unemployed people who had nothing better to do. Times have changed though. Our generation is learning to master the art of doing things in moderation. What’s more, we have found ways to make wealth as we have fun with it!

Playing cards were first invented by the Chinese around 1000 years ago. Since then, different cultures around the world made their own interpretations of the game, with symbols of the clubs, spades, diamonds and hearts getting standardized around the world. Sometimes it is fascinating to think how 52 cards can be jumbled up to make so many exciting games.

I had a recent opportunity to play a few free tournaments on pokerstars, and I’d like to share that experience with y’all. Playing the game online took the whole experience to another level. There were people from around the world on my table, and some of them had really witty things to say on the chat box on the side of the table. This made it so much fun since I was also learning fun things to say in different cultures across as I gambled away!

pokerstars game online

The best part about playing the game online was that I had the option of either playing with real money or simply fool around with some play money as I interacted with other amateurs and professionals from around the world!

You get about 35000 in play money when you first register with the website. Choose the spin and go game, and you’ll be pitted against 2 other people for your first game. I earned about 15k after my first match which has motivated me even further!

And if you’re thinking that this game is not for you as you know nothing about it, say no more. I literally had no clue about how the game works and felt exactly that way, but after playing 3 free trial matches, I feel like I am ready to take on the world of real money poker! I also personally know many people who make thousands of extra bucks each month by simply playing poker online. For many others, it is a form of meditation. Sakshi, a public policy consultant says,“ When I am unable to process the multitude of thoughts dancing in my head, I resort to online poker. Focusing on unknown people’s moves and tactics makes me forget about my worries for a while. Sometimes, I also have my moments of epiphany, when the game rewires my brain and I am able to think of a great solution to a problem that was bothering me for long”.

pokerstars game online

Evolution has made us wiser. In most cases, we can see through the good and bad and take only what’s good for us. With responsible gaming organizations like poker star, you can literally restrict yourself by pre-declaring the maximum money you want to bet in a week. The request to increase this limit cannot be processed before 7 days, which gives you the time to reflect on your dependence on the game as well.

On and on, it is a great game, with lots of exciting features and fun things to learn as you roll with it. So far, I do not see any reason as to why people should not try and use this as another new age form of social media.


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