COCODRIVE – The Dream Insurance Policy for your Vehicle

COCO Drive, DHFL Insurance

COCODrive – the best you can get for your car has been launched by the leading Insuretech brand COCO by DHFL General Insurance. A completely all-rounded insurance for your beloved car, now at your door step is aiming to simplify how you buy Insurance for your vehicle’s as well as your own safety with great ease provided by new age technology.

To put things in perspective, COCO by DHFL GI is on a mission to demystify insurance in India. Along with their group products, they have launched their motor retail products including Third party Motor insurance and Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance before launching COCODrive. COCO’s website is extremely easy to navigate and the communication is also written in a way that anyone can understand it easily. So the days of confusing jargon that only insurers and agents understood are gone! It’s great to see a big brand like this understand the new internet generation so well and create solutions for them.

Coming back to COCODrive, it is the first customizable online car insurance policy ever offered. COCODrive works on an a-la-carte model where you can choose the add-ons that you truly require from a wide array of 19 add-ons and only pay for them. Traditionally, there used to be buffet style prebundled policies that included even the add-ons you didn’t need. And you had to pay for the whole bundle. With COCO, there are no such problems. Each customer can make their own unique policy.

To launch the comprehensive four wheeler product, there was a first of its kind bloggers meet up organized by COCO.

COCO Drive, DHFL Insurance,Car Insurance,

My dad is an Insurance Adviser since last 25 years, having worked with most General insurance companies, but when he heard about the features of this new age policy, he was amazed at how far things have come in terms of giving more power and choice to the customer. In his words, “COCODrive is unique and one of its kind so far I haven’t seen any company giving 19 add-ons. It’s not just an add-on, but every add-on is worth taking depending on your requirements and they have made sure your every penny is worthwhile. This is surely a game changer!”


COCODrive offer a variety of add-ons that range from Old Car to New Car, Protection for Engine, Lock & Key Emergency and Zero Depreciation Cover Policy among a lot of others. You choose, pick and pay for your required add-on that will suit you, protects you as well as your lovely vehicle. “Our purpose is to ensure that you select the best protection for yourself.” – said Mr Vijay Sinha, MD & CEO DHFL GI, at the launch event.

COCO Drive, DHFL Insurance,Car Insurance,

Mr. Vijay Sinha of COCO by DHFL General Insurance speaks about the purpose of COCODrive and stressed on why the demographic shifts in India that necessitate an evolution of the insurance products from mere commodity to much more nuanced and layered service offerings.

COCO Drive, DHFL Insurance,Car Insurance,

Reasons to choose COCO

COCODrive will give you a number of reasons to choose it. It happens to be the only insurance company that offers you a full menu of 19 add-ons to choose from for your vehicle while many other insurers offer a maximum of 6 add-ons. The easiest and the most accessible, customizable websites you can shop from sitting at home. A hassle-free function that eliminates stress and provides you with all the details on one click with the highest personal accidents cover offered in the market. COCO also offers coverage to city where you are the resident.

COCO Drive, DHFL Insurance,Car Insurance,

I had a terrible experience when I wanted to buy new car insurance online last year. Half of the insurers are not up to date on their website and not user friendly but when I visited COCO’s website, it’s super quick and asks just specific information regarding your car and that’s it isn’t that great thing? No need to struggle to get simple quote for your car insurance. And now I can clearly see that COCO is not just working at a transactional front with customers but is trying to establish a real connect. It is working towards making people realize the importance of staying protected. They believe they can help you choose the best protection for you and your vehicle.

It was pleasure to watch “second chance”, the new brand film for COCODrive ; You deserve a second chance to care more in life to have more for your car insurance.