Glance – a new, Innovative lockscreen feature!!

Glance Samsung

Samsung is committed to delivering technology and providing solutions to its smartphone users. All their latest phone releases have caused a buzz everywhere for what they offer, and their displays are remarkable. They hold a  top place in consumers’ hearts as the most optimized look and feel in the market.

Partnering with Glance, Samsung is now providing another incredible innovation to their display and this time it is on their lock screen.  Glance is available on Samsung A, M and J series.

Glance Samsung

Glance is a visually stunning content discovery platform on the lock screen.  There is something to offer to everyone and the content includes images, stories, music, games and quizzes. All one has to do is hit the power button for a stunning visual experience.

With high quality content, this premium experience allows its users to use the feature to catch up with the latest news, educate or entertain themselves. The best part about using Glance is that there is no need to browse elsewhere for content anymore. No need to download separate apps either , thereby allowing your smartphone to be clutter free and faster. Your favorite content will be right there on your lockscreen.

By swiping down from the headline on the lockscreen, the article or video can be read or viewed without even unlocking the phone. You can then just keep swiping up to get a feed of rich content.


There are multiple categories on Glance allowing you to choose your favorites. This will ensure that you get the type of content that you are interested in. These can be chosen by swiping down from the headline and clicking on the plus sign or clicking on the sign directly from the lockscreen. There you can select or un-select categories from the windows displayed. Click on done and your personal choices are saved.

Glance Samsung

The ‘I’ – button on the lock screen will allow you to further personalize your lock screen, add your personal pictures from the gallery and choose the frequency of their appearance.

The beauty of Glance is that it allows your phone to look different each time. You can choose the content you want to see. There is also an option to choose among vernacular languages such as Hindi and Tamil.

Learn something new with Glance each day and have a fun day exploring stories. No need to ever look any further than your lockscreen again!


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